Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Agyness Deyn

Too lazy to be careful for a likeness.

Also, photoshop is hard....as is drawing.


  1. hey man, looking good! i did a little tracing to check some of your math.


    proportionally it's looking pretty solid. i'd probably give her a little more skull in the back and raise the whole muzzle up closer to her nose. you could actually check proportions like this as you draw it by putting construction lines on a separate layer, or putting them right over the drawing and working back into it. i think what'll help out the most is using a bigger brush to put in your shapes. it'll force you to make the big decisions about placement early on so that you can just design once the lay-in is working. zooming out and flipping the canvas constantly will help too. anyway, nice work man! and props for getting something up here so fast

  2. oh yeah, if you don't know stan prokopenko's work, he's one of jeff watts' students. he has a bunch of tutorials online for drawing specific features of the face. there's lots of good information in here:


  3. nice dude. Thanks man!
    Gotta keep me grounded. I'm specifically staying away from a big brush stuff for the time being, focusing practice on smaller shape stuff which I never practice and get to take to finish...buttttttt, I'm slop town with the lay in and design stuff. and as Glen says, do it right and slow a bunch of times so you can do it fast later.
    gotta do more of them and let it take as long as it needs to.

  4. no problem man, glad i could help. at the end of the day, it's all mileage and making sure you're improving... one drawing at a time