Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hey guys, I finally finished mine! Sorry for taking so long, I know you guys were probably thinking I wouldn't actually finish it in the end. I'm surprised I even coloured it.

The idea behind my piece was right after I was watching a couple of Youtube videos of experts saying how much radiation has actually leaked from Japan and into the atmosphere and ocean, and how we're all fucked. So here's a girl who just caught a pretty (but deadly) radioactive butterfly.

I tend to avoid drawing backgrounds whenever possible because it doesn't come as easily to me in terms of painting, so I'm glad Carl, Ivan and Arthur are contributing some great BG pieces.

And hopefully more sixpointers join for the next post! Just draw an interpretation of the theme whenever you have free time inbetween work =)

I just noticed that the cage bar's perspective is incorrect, Boo urns


  1. Yes! Some character stuff! This looks awesome man, I'm really glad you stuck with this idea. I think it comes across pretty clearly too.

  2. Oooh Yeah! it's awesome ED!